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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Get your Library Research On Track

Student Success Campaign: Go Beyond Google -
‘Make a Research Appointment with your Librarian’

With it being past midterms, now is the time to get that research project on track.
A better research paper/project can result by: 
  • making a librarian appointment to get help finding better sources; 
  • speed research along with help in knowing where to look for on-target articles within Library Search; 
  • help with understanding citations and more.

There are 14 librarians who know the 57 WMU majors/subject areas. They know which databases hold what you need. One can get started here:

A new system is in place to make booking an appointment especially easy. It is incorporated directly into a subject listing and librarians’ open time schedules. So, pick a subject, then pick an available time with your email and it is set. 

Using the software over the last semester has brought a greater convenience to both students and librarians. Also, calling the library service desk, (269) 387-5059 will get you help for making an appointment or any other information question.