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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Go Beyond Google - Make an Appointment with Your Librarian

Student Success Campaign: Go Beyond Google -
Make a Research Appointment with your Librarian

With the goal of greater student success, University Libraries is promoting an awareness campaign for students. It works to help all understand that a better research paper/project can result by: 

  • making a librarian appointment to get help finding better sources; 
  • speed research along with help in knowing where to look for on-target articles within Library Search; 
  • help with understanding citations and more.

Your major is covered by 1 of 14 librarians who know the subject areas.

A new system is in place to make booking an appointment especially easy. It is incorporated directly into a subject listing and librarians’ open time schedules. So, pick a subject, then pick an available time with your email and it is set. Using the software over the last semester has brought a greater convenience to both students and librarians.

Fourteen librarians are available for these research consultations on 57 WMU subjects/majors. One can get started here:

For students to better understand the complexities of library research, quotes from previously helped students are used to help relate to the ‘hows and whys’ of talking to a librarian. ‘ “My research went so much faster” – Alena, education major, "I learned how Library Search can get great results on my topic" -- Sarah, psychology major,'  are examples. More are shared throughout the campaign of eBulletin boards, flyers, bookmarks, and instructors' syllabi. 

Librarian appointments are available as each librarian schedule allows. Calling the library service desk, (269) 387-5059 will get you help for making an appointment or any other information question. Open all hours that Waldo Library is open. Appointments are also available to WMU instructors and staff. 

WMU libraries have over 4.5 million items – a librarian can help you find the ones you need.