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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Education Library Seminar for Chinese Scholars

A large group of visiting Chinese Scholars enjoyed training on where and how a research project starts using University Libraries search tools. From the field of Human Performance and Health Education, the professors are visiting through a program in the College of Education and Human Development. This is one of 14 seminars and activities in their year-long training.

The WMU Human Performance and Health Education (HPHE) Advanced Visiting Scholar Training Program is the first structured HPHE training program in US. The program started in 2016.

The group will take advantage of Western Michigan University libraries databases and other resources in their work at WMU. This session was led by the head of the Swain Education Library, Bradford Dennis, in the computer classroom of the education library.

 Tours of the Education and Waldo Libraries were included in their orientation to American academic libraries.

Dr. Yuanlong Liu, Chair of the Department of Human Performance and Health Education said, "All the participants will work with WMU faculty to do collaborated research and keep the research partnership for years to come after they return. The participants would have the following roles when they finish their study in WMU and go back to their country: WMU ambassadors, alumni, promoters, student recruiters and research collaborators."