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Friday, February 13, 2015

Hacking the Stacks; Graduate Seminars

The Inside Scoop on Library Resources for Graduate Level Research from WMU’s Research Experts

Hosted by University Libraries, The Graduate College, & The Graduate Student Association 

Education Library, 2800 Sangren Hall, Tuesday, February 17, 2015, starting approx. 1:45 pm.

Detailed flier pdf

Creating Your Digital Portfolio
Ethics of Writing and Citation Management
Preparing to Publish
Hidden Gems of the Library
Creating Your Digital Portfolio
Thinking Ahead: Dissertations & Theses
Drop-in Research

Anne-Marie Adams Wins Quarterly Staff Award

  Congratulations to Anne-Marie Adams, Cataloging Dept.

"She catalogs foreign language materials, music, video, and RHC [Regional History Collections], and she does a wonderful, accurate, and value-added job at this.. . . “
“ . . . also goes beyond the call of duty by helping others in the department with cataloging and foreign language cataloging questions, and especially with problems related to software, programs, and computer problems. And she does all of this with grace, patience, and with genuine willingness to help and to support. Always, she does this with a low profile and quiet nature with no sense of wanting to be applauded for doing so. It is long overdue for her recognition for being a stellar staff member."

First Quarter 2015  Staff Recognition Award, University Libraries

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Library System Will Benefit All

The University Libraries is in the process of implementing a new library system complete with a new discovery and search interface. Scholars and first time users will each benefit from the intuitive but comprehensive search engine. Better integration between information sources and more efficient library workflows will allow streamlined services responsive to student and faculty needs.

The Libraries is now in the system testing phase, and will be ready to preview the new Library Search interface with the WMU community in April 2015. Training sessions and online help will allow library users to familiarize themselves with the new system and incorporate any needed revisions into course materials and workflows. 

For more in-depth information see the Integrated Library System Project news blog;

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Award Winning Conference Poster

Jason Glatz, maps coordinator and a specialist in GIS at University Libraries won a bronze medal at the Association of Research Libraries conference for a research poster titled "Using GIS to Facilitate Data-Driven Decision Making." Follow this link to see the entire research poster. It demonstrates how data can be mapped to gain insight into an issue.

Glatz also heads the mapping service at Waldo Library Maps Room where the WMU community can have spatial data from their research conveyed in maps by a GIS specialist at no cost.