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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Extended Hours for Exams (snacks and stress relievers)

Waldo Library is open until 2 am today and Thursday, Dec. 5 - 6. 

Friday and Saturday, Dec. 7 - 8 extended hours start as Waldo is open until midnight each night.

24 hours start on Sunday at 10 am and continue through Thursday at midnight!

The gearing up for helping students succeed is happening. Throughout the week:
  • Coffee and snacks will be provided intermittently by Western Student Association during the 24 hour open period.
  • First floor will have a graffiti wall
  • Monday will be finals themed buttons with fun phrases.
  • Tuesday will be coloring books and board games for taking a break on first floor.
  • Wednesday - selfies with former President Waldo; show at service desk for a treat.
  • Thursday am, students can stop at Service Desk for a granola bar on way to last exam.