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Monday, July 10, 2017

Learn Spanish in your bathing suit this summer with WMU Libraries

Yes, you can sign-up for a Mango account through WMU Libraries. The WMU community can get a free personal account in the Mango learning system but they need to start with this proxied library link below. After account set up one can download apps for portable devices like phones and use as traveling or for more lesson downloads. We are urging all students, instructors, and staff to sign up,use, and enjoy this summer no matter what you are wearing. 
See the 'Mango Languages Premiere', click 'more' to see the steps for sign up. Click the heading to go to the sign-up page, then 'create one' for an account. If there are any issues in returning to the site on a computer, please click through from this library page and your login should work.

Features are:

Lessons in 71+ languages (tracks your progress)
Instant translation utility
Movies in different languages
Available as an app. for mobile devices (lesson downloads)
Ideal for study abroad prep or learning English as a second language. 

Adobe Flash Player is needed to use the website.
If there are problems:

More to come soon on Waldo Library Facebook, Instagram and across campus.