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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Seeing McCracken Hall Coming Down

It is amazing and a little mesmerizing to see a building being knocked down. Right next to Waldo Library, McCracken Hall (old chemistry bldg.) the east wing is coming down this summer and this week it is in full swing - literally, they are swinging the wrecking ball. 

Viewing is good from the Library, parking lot 28, but be careful - trucks are moving, most of the lot is blocked off, and the street down to the railroad tracks is closed. Below is insight for where to view from safely inside Waldo. (it is quieter, too)

McCracken Hall connector is pulled down
McCracken connector bridge between wings
is a pile of rubble.

View from Waldo parking lot. Library is on the left.

Some of the best viewing is from inside Waldo. Third floor is great to see the second piece of machinery tearing apart the brick wall from the west side. Lower level at the back corner windows gets you even closer to this parking lot view. Below is a time lapse video of what is happening outside our windows (Tuesday, May 31). Link to Waldo Library Facebook page for more: