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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

If you are coming to Waldo Library - construction

Construction is affecting parking and street traffic at Waldo Library. The parking lot at the end of Waldo Library, lot 28 and lot 67 along Arcadia Rd., are closed for most of the summer due to construction and the demolition of McCracken Hall’s east wing.

Maintenance to Waldo is also happening on the north side to tile, windows, and trim strips. 
  • Metered parking is unavailable in lot 28 beside Waldo
  • Handicap parking spots have been added to the parking lot behind Moore Hall
  • Arcadia street may be blocked. Plan to use Vande Giessen Rd.
  • Library loading dock will have limited access from Vande Giessen Rd.
  • North and east sides of Waldo are closed to pedestrian traffic

Suggested solutions are parking in the Miller Auditorium ramp or between Sangren and Bernhard Center – metered parking for guests is $1.50/hr. Staff parking is most likely available at the Sangren lot, Recreation Center lot or Miller ramp with an R sticker.