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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cool Tools Workshop - Free NY subscription - via WMU Libraries

Yes, WMU community members can each have their own NY subscription through University Libraries. The Libraries now have a group pass subscription to the online news and also, The NY TimesInEducation for instructors, students too. All you need is your email. Students and instructors are welcome to the subscription and workshop.

Sign up here or go to the workshop to learn about the features and clear any glitches in the sign up:    Rsvp for the workshop below for more information and features.

Here is info from the flyer:

Cool Tools – Your Own Subscription to

Featured Resource Workshops – April 5 & 6, 2017 at Western Michigan University
  • Hosted by: Michael Mooney, Education Engagement Manager at The New York Times.
  • is available to all WMU faculty, staff, and students, provided by the WMU Libraries.
  • Access enables students and faculty to engage with The Times’ world-class journalism anytime, anywhere.
  • Register your subscription by going to

Learn About: 

- The many tools and features available at, including:
- The Chinese, Spanish, and International Editions; and each days print edition
- How to subscribe to newsletters & save, share, and comment on content
- Times Topics – an organized collection of news and archival info by topic or country
- Times Machine – historical archives dating back to 1851
- The New York Times in Education Learning Resources site with discipline specific content

Four times available:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017:  2 pm and 4 pm – Waldo Library Classroom A, 1st floor.

Thursday, April 6, 2017:  10 am and 12 noon – Swain Education Library Classroom, Sangren Hall

Workshop RSVP:   
Light snacks will be provided
Organized by WMU Faculty Development Office, assisted by University Libraries
A guide for how to sign up also:


Monday, March 20, 2017

Living the Arts in the Libraries Events

Celebrate WMU students' and departments' work with "Living the Arts in the Libraries". A series of events in Waldo and Archives libraries, promoting greater cultural awareness across campus during the first 3 weeks of April. Whether you attend the popular Transference: Poetry in Translation, by World Languages and Literature - with the graduate woodwind quintet in the beautiful Meader Room; or, your senses may like a 60+ choir doing a pop-up concert, where the sound soars up all 3 floors of the Rotunda. But, don't be late, the pop-up is only 3 - 4 songs!

Poetry as dance or poetry posters - come let your senses absorb "Living the Arts in the Libraries."

Here is the schedule with updates on the Library events page: