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Friday, January 27, 2017

New displays in 3 floors of Library Atrium

Current Exhibits from Special Collections and Rare Books at Waldo Library 

The two cases on the first floor feature books about Norman Rockwell, including some representations of his artwork using both 2D and 3D books.  

The two themes for the new exhibits on the second floor are Star Wars and the evolution of women's fashion. The Star Wars exhibit displays a few attention-grabbing pop-up books of different ships or characters in the movie. The fashion exhibit uses the books to show how the clothes worn by women have changed significantly with each time period. 
Books with cats from the Historical Children's Collection are on display

Earlier this week, a new case featuring several books with a theme about cats was put in on the second floor. Most of the books in this case are from the Historical Children's Collection. This case will grab any cat-lover's attention. 

A second floor case's theme is wine. The exhibit displays a recipe book of various foods and meals that involve using wine, a pop-up book, a French wine guidebook that is opened up to a map of France's vineyards, and an amusing illustrated book. 

Kubasta books with pop-ups are on third floor. Some of these books are flat, but there are quite a few smaller pop-up ones also. This exhibit (part 8 of the series) will be the last Kubasta-themed one. 

Another case on the third floor, displays books that were written by authors who were part of the Inklings. The Inklings was an infamous literary group associated with Oxford University that was active during the 1930s and 1940s. Its members were usually academics who advocated the art of storytelling and the stressed the importance of fantasy fiction. They often met within the college or at a local pub to discuss each others works. Three of the most well-known members include C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams. The books in this exhibit case are all works from these three authors. My favorite book in this case is a Robert Sabuda pop-up book about the Chronicles of Narnia, and the book is opened to a page featuring Aslan the lion. 

Please enjoy these changing exhibits from University Libraries special collections.