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Monday, October 19, 2015

University Libraries, Engineering College partner in Embedded Tech Venture

University Libraries is partnering with the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences on an Embedded, Mobile and Real-time Systems Venture program.

Beginning with the spring 2016 semester, undergraduate students in the computer science and the electrical and computer engineering programs can engage in practical projects to gain professional experience developing embedded, mobile, and real-time systems.

Embedded systems underpin the Internet of Things—IoT—where vast numbers of objects and devices embedded with sensors are interconnected over the Internet. These devices can gather almost any kind of data about their surrounding environment, including temperature, light, sound, time, movement, speed and distance. Classes will be held at the engineering college while the systems development will take place in the IoT Lab located in Waldo Library.

"Having our IoT Lab in Waldo Library is an opportunity for better interaction between CEAS and other colleges," says Dr. Ala Al-Fuqaha, a professor in the Department of Computer Science who is leading the embedded systems venture.

"Essentially, Waldo Library will serve as a melting pot for students and faculty from different colleges to meet, discuss ideas, and experiment with IoT solutions," he says.

Dr. Steven Carr, chair of the Department of Computer Science, says "The venture concept is being brought to CEAS to engage students in real-world projects throughout their undergraduate education. The goal is to get students to operate in a business-like environment where they take on different business roles during their time in the venture.”

Students will operate a full-scale consulting and development operation that specializes in IoT systems. It will offer research, design, development and technical documentation services to real world clients. The program provides a simulation of scenarios that students will encounter when they graduate.

“This is another opportunity for the University Libraries to help prepare success-ready students," says May Chang, associate dean of University Libraries.

"With the IoT Lab, we will also be an incubator for new and emerging technologies, and can work on developing and delivering smart IoT solutions for the libraries.”

For more information about this new venture, contact Al-Fuqaha at or Chang at