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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Libraries Help the New Heritage Hall Shine !

The new facility, East Campus alumni center, is a beautiful renovation. There are 2 ways that the Libraries helped make it shine even brighter by telling the WMU story in images. Historical photographs from the Archives line many of the hallways and lounge spaces. WMU artifacts in the displays were also curated at the branch library.

  Selection and scanning of historical photographs from the Archives was a behind the scenes project for many months. Student employee, Michaela Penberthy, scanned about 550 images for consideration by the interior design team. John Winchell and Sharon Carlson selected, researched, and wrote text for hundreds of WMU images that appear throughout Heritage Hall.

Many of the photography groupings are themed to tell special stories of an aspect of WMU student life and touch upon points of pride.  

Photo groupings also depict current student learning and 3 of the Libraries' recent student employees are included as shown in the two later photographs. Kyle Chipps, systems assistant and Nivedita Bhadarka, tech. services assistant are sharing information from a book. Courtney Holsworth, reference assistant, is shown in silhouette in the stacks alongside text about University Libraries. These 2 are by Mike Lanka, photographer, in Waldo Library.