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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New search interface and new digital databases at WMU Libraries

New digital databases are available for the WMU community: Business Economics and Theory Collection, Vocations and Careers Collection, Middle East and Africa Database, Popular Magazines Collection, Research in Context (aimed at middleschoolers),  - are just some of the new offerings available in August. They are full of up-to-date resources and contain many primary source materials beyond journal articles.

The new Library Search tool is available from the Libraries' home page. It debuted in early summer 2015 and contains updated and revised links to resources. This new search tool allows users to find books, articles, videos, and stream media across the University Libraries' collections. It has replaced the previous Books+, PowerSearch and Classic Catalog search tools. In addition, Library Search has taken the place of the previous Journals button on the homepage. Links to online library materials and catalog pages used in course syllabi may have changed.

Electronic databases in an A - Z listing are at .  New ones are listed on the right of that page. All existing databases continue to be available. Note that the W graphic next to a database indicates access for WMU active community members only, because of licensing agreements.  A registered computer or Bronco Net ID is needed to use these resources.

If you would like help with new links to resources or in knowing which of the 477+ databases are best for your research, you can contact a librarian in one of 4 ways: Chat, email, text from  or call (269) 387-5178 for Research and Instruction Services (reference desk). Of course, you can visit any of the 4 libraries to consult with a librarian:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Faculty Research BOOTCAMP offered on two optional days

Got a research project to jumpstart? Too many distractions at the office? Need some guidance to good resources? 

This is the concept for boot camp sessions at Waldo Library - to help researching faculty get their project in shape. Providing space to get away to work or getting help from research advisers (librarians who really know the databases) is the basis of this non-workshop format held on two different Wednesdays, Sept. 23 and Oct. 21. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Hosted by librarians and the Office of Faculty Development. Drop in  assistance is available from both units. This Post Card is mailed to faculty early September and reads:

“Faculty Research BOOTCAMP”

“WMU Libraries are ready to help get your research in shape. No drill sergeants, just research experts at ‘Camp Waldo’ who know their subjects, can help with external motivation, or provide a place to get down to it.”

“Boot Camp is a great way to launch your research and/or creative projects. It is NOT a workshop. It’s the environment and structure necessary to get you going and keep you going. Get time away from the distractions of the office for writing and research. We’ll be there with light snacks and coffee and as much ‘tough love’ as you need.”

“Wednesdays, September 23, and October 21, 2015, from 10am to 4pm. In Waldo’s popular reading area to the right of the entrance on the main floor. Subject librarians and members of the Office of Faculty Development will be there to help.”

“Join WMU colleagues in Waldo Library for research support and to help get that project in shape.”

Questions?, 387-5153

So if you need a little external motivation, or perhaps just a way to make space in your schedule to work on a project, Boot Camp is a great way to launch your research and/or creative projects.

No RSVP needed. Just calendar it and march over to Waldo Library.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New graduate research workshop/class

New online training is like a workshop but 7 weeks long like a class, but also free from the WMU Libraries! Check it out and register online, limited to 20 participants

Advanced Research Methods for the Humanities (Fall 2015) is a low stress, free, and online 7 week course for WMU graduate students completing a higher degree in a humanities or humanities-related discipline. This is a non-credit bearing course.
  • Jump start your graduate career and learn about the most recent research tools available!
  • Low stress!
  • Free!
  • Gain powerful research skills that will help you dominate your thesis or dissertation!
  • Upon completion, you will receive a document of completion and an electronic badge to add to your resume or portfolio!
This is for graduate students enrolled in humanities programs such as history, anthropology, communications, religion, philosophy, art, music, film, language, and literature.  Since research is so specific from discipline to discipline, this course  is not intended for students enrolled in a science, business, or engineering program, for example. 

Please visit this site for more information:

Or register for the course here: 

Please contact librarian Kate Langan with any questions. (