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Friday, July 10, 2015

ScholarWorks now includes data sets and grows further

Significant additions to ScholarWorks at WMU are of note for the WMU community and scholarly audiences in many disciplines.
  • ScholarWorks now has over 15,500 items in the repository.
  • The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences has more of a presence in ScholarWorks with the Senior Engineering Design Project programs and some Parallel Computing and Data Science Lab Technical Reports.
  • 75 audio recordings of interviews and group conversations of Spanish spoken in Paisos Catalans have been added to ScholarWorks, along with their transcriptions, demonstrating that this repository can be a home for data sets that can be made available to select researchers.
  • Board of Trustee minutes are being added to the repository.
  • Nine of the journals in ScholarWorks have published 13 new issues this year.
  • Journals account for 64% of the 1 3/4 million downloads in ScholarWorks.
  • Another 19% of downloads are of student work – dissertations, theses, posters.
ScholarWorks is Western Michigan University's online open-access scholarly repository administered by University Libraries. Its mission is to preserve and showcase the scholarly and creative work of WMU faculty, staff,and students.