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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Congratulations on 51 years, Laurel Grotzinger

Esteemed librarian, professor, past faculty senate president, and past Graduate College dean retires from WMU with a reception on Thursday, July 16. Laurel Grotzinger was honored for her 51 years at Western with a reception at the Fetzer Center. Attending were many colleagues, retirees, family and friends who enjoyed a program by the Dean of Libraries, Joe Reish; faculty senate president, Dennis Simpson; Sharon Carlson, mentee and Archives director in which she was honored for her many accomplishments. University Relations news article on her accomplishments is here.

Best wishes for a wonderful retirement, Laurel.

Laurel Grotzinger and family member, Jerry,  with 'library-themed' cake.

Guest with one of the three display boards depicting Laurel's career.

Laurel's reception in the Fetzer Center lobby.

Laurel Grotzinger speaks at her reception.

Program speakers and guests honor Laurel with a standing ovation.

Guests with Laurel at the Thursday, July 16 reception.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Library Team wins Most Creative Altered Book

In conjunction with the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts new exhibit of Altered Books as Art, a contest was offered to library teams.  The challenge was taken up by Waldo Library employees Miranda, Geri, Cecelia, Law, and Marianne as the Waldo Weeders team. On this recent Friday their skills were put to the test to create a masterpiece in 90 minutes. It emerged as a Wizard of Oz scene with a twist and won the 'Most Creative Altered Book Sculpture'. The design included open books as the back drop with text pages under green translucent paper as parts of the emerald city. More open books became fields of grassy, blooming  red sequin poppies. It is completed with a yellow brick road and 2 tin men holding hands. See the pictures below of the process and team.

 The Friday, July 10 event was titled, "Get Altered at the KIA" The Waldo team members made up of 4 staffers and a student employee are from Technical Services and Digitization Center. They had a plan and a concept and went in with some materials and hand tools including volumes of sequins and green glitter. Two tables full of craft supplies and tools were furnished to all the teams along with hundreds of books to choose from. A tour of the professional exhibit was the prelude to the competition for inspiration. The event was during Friday's Art Hop, so many visitors wandered in to see the works in process. Congratulations to the Waldo Weeders team for all your efforts and a great design.

Friday, July 10, 2015

ScholarWorks now includes data sets and grows further

Significant additions to ScholarWorks at WMU are of note for the WMU community and scholarly audiences in many disciplines.
  • ScholarWorks now has over 15,500 items in the repository.
  • The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences has more of a presence in ScholarWorks with the Senior Engineering Design Project programs and some Parallel Computing and Data Science Lab Technical Reports.
  • 75 audio recordings of interviews and group conversations of Spanish spoken in Paisos Catalans have been added to ScholarWorks, along with their transcriptions, demonstrating that this repository can be a home for data sets that can be made available to select researchers.
  • Board of Trustee minutes are being added to the repository.
  • Nine of the journals in ScholarWorks have published 13 new issues this year.
  • Journals account for 64% of the 1 3/4 million downloads in ScholarWorks.
  • Another 19% of downloads are of student work – dissertations, theses, posters.
ScholarWorks is Western Michigan University's online open-access scholarly repository administered by University Libraries. Its mission is to preserve and showcase the scholarly and creative work of WMU faculty, staff,and students.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dean Joe Reish Honored by the French Government

Congratulations are in order for dean Joe Reish for his recently bestowed honor.  He is now an Officier in the Ordre des Palmes Academiques. University Libraries recently received an official letter through the French Embassy in Washington, DC from this long established French organization.

Joseph G. Reish, Dean of University Libraries, Professor of French, and Chevalier des Palmes Academiques, has again been recognized by the French government for his "eminent service to French education and contributions to the prestige of French culture."

After an extensive review of his credentials begun in 2013, Reish was this year advanced in grade in the Ordre des Palmes Academiques from Chevalier (Knight) to Officier (Officer).

Napoleon Bonaparte created the Academic Palms as a title for outstanding members of the Imperial University in 1808. It is the oldest honorific distinction granted to civilians. Today, the order honors academics who, through their teaching, scholarship, and leadership, promulgate the language, literature and culture of France within their university and globally.