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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WMU Archives Library Head is a panelist at American Library Assn. Conference

Dr. Sharon Carlson, director of the Archives and Regional History Collections at WMU is one of the presenter/panelists on this topic: Rural Women and the Ladies’ Library Association: Reading Culture and Peer Education in the Absence of Public Libraries, Ladies Library Association, Schoolcraft, Michigan

 While Michigan is not traditionally thought of as the “frontier” –  in the 19th Century road and train access to some small villages was still poor.  Carole Nowicke and Sharon Carlson look at the role played by ladies’ library associations in small cities and rural villages in Michigan. They explore what needs the LLA helped rural women meet, and examine questions including; What did these women read? What were the library’s holdings? and how did LLAs in rural areas compare to the social clubs of upper middle class city women?

The panelists of historians/librarians include Dr. Lisa Blank, San Jose State University; Yvonne Carignan of George Mason University; Dr. Sharon Carlson of Western Michigan University; Dr. Carole Nowicke of Indiana University. The June 28, 2015 presentation is part of the Library History Round Table of the American Library Association in San Francisco, California.